- on demand

- WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS 2022/23 and 24

Regiomarkt, Vaals, once in the month, on every vriday 2nd, from mai tot oktober 22, 23, and 24

-  A new version of celebrating a birthday

- Birthday-Party-Option: Bring all your old friends (you really will not miss) and all  your old clothes (you really will miss) and celebrate a different Birthday-Party in Upcycling, Repair and Change.

- Celebrating a birthday with several kids or making a workshop with kids. Ask for options!

- Workshops upcycling and repair any time on demand

- for more workshops:   www.der-bunte-vogel.de


- Exhibition of Arts of Upcycling and more in cooperation with Petra Orten: Kunstkram; Ute Steffens und Josef Lemmens: DNT; Beate Gernhardt: heartbeat-art-of-upcycling an more guests vom 11/7/20 to 11/25/20

- Projekt Samin: In cooperation with the founder of Samin Upcycling: Nazanin Navabi  and several artists in upcycling: Petra Hodiamont, Isabell Rasch-Makarski, Gabriele Menzel, Beate Gernhardt. Together we exhibit our works of upcycling from 12/9/20 to 31/10/20  in Samin Upcycling, Kleinmaschierstrasse 30-32, Aachen. Open on monday untill friday from 10 to 18 h and on saturday from 10 to 16 h. You can meet me there on saterdays!

Exhibition of my mask-collektion in Museumsshop of Leopold Hösch Museum, Düren, Germany from11/24 /20 until 12/24/20

Wat a pleasure! All designed and made by Beate Gernhardt
Wat a pleasure! All designed and made by Beate Gernhardt

- on Saturday 08/02/20 at Aula Carolina, Aachen, we (Samin Upcycling and me) presented our Artworks of Upcycling during the market of: www.vinokilo.com

- on Saturday 28/9/19 and Sunday29/9/19, from 11 to 19 at Tuchfabrik, Aachen, Strüverweg 118, I have been part of the exhibition: ''Tuchfühlung' and presented my artworks of upcycling

Patterns from the sixties, designed and made by Beate Gernhardt
Patterns from the sixties, designed and made by Beate Gernhardt

- IM WESTEN NIX NEUES - AM BESTEN NIX NEUES, 2+3 december 2017, KUKUK, Eupener Strasse 420

- FAIR-shion = Fair Fashion, 16.9.2017, Aachen/D, Nikolauskirche

- home made market, Sittard/NL, Kloosterplein, on 26.8.2017

- on december 3 and 4, 2016, me and my works have been part of the Exhibition and Market on the legend Upcycling-Bazar : IM WESTEN NIX NEUES - AM BESTEN NIX NEUES, at KUKUK, Eupenerstrasse 420, Aachen.

- on Sunday 19 june, 2016,  I have been part of the legend SUMMER PARTY MARKET of "DER BUNTE VOGEL", Aachen-Lichtenbusch, by showing my works and giving workshop upcycling.

- Workshop: sewing easily, for kids, Der Bunte Vogel

- on 27/28/ and 29/11/2015, I have been part of the exhibition and market upcycling:  IM WESTEN NIX NEUES- AM BESTEN NIX NEUES  at KUKUK, Eupenerstrasse 420, 52076 Aachen

- on Saturday and Sunday 26 and 27/9 I have been part of an exhibition of 10 artists in upcycling, at the GLASHALLE-ANNASTRASSE during the AACHENER KUNSTROUTE 2015 called: Aachen UP

- on Sunday 13/9 /2015, I have been part of the DESIGNER MARKT VAALS, as one, of 35 international designers.

- on Saturday 13 June 2015 I have been part of the summer market at "Der bunte Vogel" Aachen Lichtenbusch (www.der-bunte-vogel.de), with the exhibition of my works in upcycling. There I usually give workshops in upcycling and a different kind of health.

- on 28.11.14 to 30.11.14 we are part of a special upcycling market at KUKUK an der Grenze, Köpfchen in Aachen, 11 to 18 h

- Artworks Exhibition, Kunstroute Vaals 2014,13/7 to 3/8

- Performances: " Changing Purposes, 3 Examples " on Sunday 13/20/27.7.14 and 3.8.14 at 10.30h, 11.30h, 12.30h

- Workshops Upcycling on Saturdays from 13h to 16 h, 19/28.7.14 and 2.8.14

- Artworks Exhibition from all members of "Der Bunte Vogel" in Aachen-Lichtenbusch, kinder garden, in spring 2014

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- upcycling

- knitwear

- repairs

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